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Airds Bay Expansion

Expansion at Airds Bay (Etive 4)

18/01124/MFF | Replacement of 10 x 80m circumference cages with 12 x 80m circumference cages of an alternative design, installation of hopper feed system and biomass of 1545 tonnes | Airds Bay (Etive 4) Loch Etive Argyll And Bute

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Subject: Planning Application Reference Number: 18/01124/MFF

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Acceptable grounds for objections are as follows:


More cages and feed hoppers on each cage also means more impact on the landscape of Loch Etive. Despite the fact that a Reporter appointed by Scottish Ministers has only recently refused Dawnfresh permission for two more cages at Etive 6 (Sailean Ruadh), that refusal based entirely on landscape grounds, Dawnfresh now feels able to apply for two more cages, only a matter of a couple of a hundred metres away at its Etive 4 (Airds Bay) site, hoping that the Council will grant permission there instead.

Both on landscape grounds and because having yet more farmed fish on Loch Etive as a whole increases still further the threat to wild salmon and sea trout, the Council should refuse planning permission. Dawnfresh has already expanded massively on Loch Etive since it took over operations in 2010. A balance has to be achieved between the demands of the company for more and more of Loch Etive for its operations and the wider interests of the Etive community, the environment and all the businesses and visitors that depend on keeping Loch Etive the beautiful and special place it is.

Wildlife and sea lice infestation

In 2017, the wild salmon run on the River Awe was the worst on record ever. That followed sea lice problems on Dawnfresh’s Loch Etive farms in 2015 and 2016, sea lice that Dawnfresh once claimed could not thrive in Loch Etive. Both the Argyll District Salmon Fishery Board and the Argyll Fisheries Trust have already called publicly for a moratorium on any further expansion of the fish farms on Loch Etive. They are the experts on wild fish and what they say should be listened to and acted upon by the Council.

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