Dawnfresh Plans To Expand Operations On Loch Etive… Again!

Help stop expansion at Airds Bay (Etive 4)

Ways to object, click here to see the options

Your options

There are three ways to object to the planning application from Dawnfresh

The first and simplest is to give us your permission and we'll object on your behalf. The Argyll and Bute planning site is unreliable and faulty. The process is complicated and time-consuming so we'll coordinate objections and act on your behalf. Click the red button below, complete the form, press the submit button and we'll do the rest.

Option 1
Option 2

Complete a form, submit it and we'll forward your objections to the Council.

Go to the form
Option 3

If you want to do it yourself, we have created a separate page to guide you through the process.

Option 3
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